Arm Surgery 2

Arm Surgery 2

Arm Surgery 2 is a free flash game where you are an arm surgery specialist
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Arm Surgery 2 is a free flash game where you are an arm surgery specialist.
You have just been hired by a hospital. Your job is to operate injured people in the Emergency Room. Following the instructions that the head nurse will give you, you will have to evaluate the X-Rays, choose a method of treatment and operate. You will need to do all the required steps carefully and quickly, otherwise your patient, a young woman, will be at risk.
The story is always the same: the patient appears with the same injury, the x-ray is always the same, you will have to cut the patient cloth, grab the tourniquet, turn it on, sterilize the arm, make an incision, put the nerve aside, cauterize the bleeding veins, use the clamps to open the incision, pick the pieces of broken bone, place the plaque, use the drill to make the holes where you will need to put the screws, use the screwdriver to screw them in, and then you will need to use the needle to close the wound.
The game will give you a score according to the time that took you to operate the woman, and the mistakes you have made.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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